Who Am I?

I was born in Chicago and grew up in an adjoining suburb. I studied psychology at the University of Chicago and was particularly fascinated by biological psychology and cross-cultural psychology. I studied Biophysics in graduate school obtaining a PhD from the University of Illinois.

After graduation, I had a wonderful opportunity to learn about cross-cultural psychology first hand. I obtained a university teaching job that enabled me to go to Kenya where I taught at United States International University and the University of Nairobi. I also worked as a computer programmer, analyst and health information consultant. I was fascinated by the culture in Kenya and particularly by the warmth of interpersonal relationships I observed. After 13 years in Kenya, I returned to the United States where I continued to teach at the university level and earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology at The Union Institute. My dissertation focused on how mental health is fostered by communities and cultures that, like Kenya, are interdependent. I became a licensed psychologist in August, 2000 and have worked in community clinics and in private practice since then.

I continue to be interested in biological and cross-cultural psychology. I teach graduate courses in Biological Psychology and Psychopharmacology. I love working with people from different cultures in my private practice and I write psychological evaluations for survivors of torture who are seeking political asylum in the United States.

Working as a psychologist is the most interesting and worthwhile profession that I can imagine. I am constantly delving into new aspects of the field and fascinated by learning more about myself and our human species.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing the piano and recorder, hanging out with friends, engaging in social activism, reading humorous mysteries, dancing, hiking and traveling.